LED Light Bulbs, A21 General Purpose, 30-70-100 Watt 3-Way Replacement, Medium Base Soft White Light Bulb, GE


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  • UPGRADE YOUR HOME WITH LED LIGHT BULBS: Now you can adjust the mood of your lighting with the simple flip of a switch. The LED bulbs are the easiest way to update your lamps, sconces and open light fixtures.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT LED LIGHTS: The A21-3W LED light bulbs last over 13 years (3 hour usage per day), extending the life of your LED lights and reducing your energy costs.
  • MONEY SAVING LED LIGHT BULBS: The GE LED lights will save you $143 in energy costs, compared to a 100 Watt standard incandescent A21 light bulb over the bulb’s life.
  • REPLACE YOUR LED BULBS: Get the efficiency of low wattage light bulbs, the A21-3W LED light bulbs are the easiest way to cut costs without sacrificing brightness or functionality.
  • SOFT WHITE LED LIGHT BULBS: The GE LED Bulbs emit a warm, soft white light that helps brighten up dark spaces. These bulbs are not for use in enclosed fixtures.