LED Indoor Floodlight Bulbs, 65W Replacement, BR30, Dimmable, Soft White, 4 Pack, GE


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  • ENERGY SAVING LED FLOOD LIGHT: The LED light bulb is a replacement for 65-Watt indoor flood lights while using only 8 Watts. Make your home more energy efficient with LED light bulbs.
  • MONEY SAVING LED LIGHTS: The LED bulbs save $62 in energy costs versus a 65-Watt incandescent floodlight bulb over the life of the BR30 LED light bulbs. The long life and low energy use of BR30 LEDs will help you save money on energy.
  • HIGH DEFINITION LED FLOOD LIGHT: The LED light bulbs allow you to see your home in high definition light with exceptional color contrast and boldness. High definition light bulbs are tailored for every room to match the right light to the right space.
  • WARM, SOFT LIGHT: The Relax LED bulb offers a warm, soft LED light perfect for comfortable moments and cozy spaces. Use Relax HD indoor flood lights in spaces like bedrooms, family rooms and dining rooms.
  • GENERAL PURPOSE LED LIGHT BULBS: The Relax HD general purpose LED lights are suitable for use in enclosed fixtures. Install Relax HD LED flood lights to illuminate rooms with broad beams of light.